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It is a natural biological process, in which there is absence of normal menstrual period for 12 consecutive months, also it is the time in a woman’s life when the function of the ovaries ceases , which lead to decrease in production of estrogen and progesterone and so no production of female egg , and women become infertile.

That is differ from Perimenopause (time around menopause) as it mean the hormonal changes associated with menopause actually begin prior to the last menstrual period , when women experience of menopausal symptoms.

Menopause is divided into two main parts , Natural menopause , and that defined above and surgical menopause , which defined as, menopause induced by the removal of the ovaries. Women who have had surgical menopause often have a sudden and severe onset of the symptoms of menopause.

Physiological basis of menopause

  1. The normal menstrual period occur due to :
  • good functioning hypothalamus in the brain
  • good functioning pituitary glands
  • good functioning ovaries
  • functioning feedbacks between hypothalamus , pituitary and ovaries

With the onset of the puberty,

The hypothalamus start to produce GnRh (gondotropin releasing hormone ) in pulstile manner , that reach the

Anterior pituitary, which become stimulated and release two types of hormones

  • FSH ( follicular stimulating hormone )
  • LH (leutinizing hormone )

These hormones reach the ovaries in two main times, Early in the cycle ( FSH mainly released ), Mid cycle ( LH mainly released )

The ovaries respond by releasing estrogen early and both estrogen and progesterone in mid cycle and that lead to formation and release of the ovum and so pregnancy may occur or normal menses occur if there is no fertilization

The menopause occur due to :

There is aging of ovaries that lead to :

  • No response to the hormones released from the brain ( hypothalamus and pituitary )
  • Decrease or even absence of storing numbers of ova inside ovaries

Which leads to:

  • Maximum decrease of circulating estrogen hormone in female body
  • Increase anterior pituitary and hypothalamic hormones

Thats finally lead to appearance of menopause symptoms and signs .

Menopause symptoms

The symptoms of the two main categories Natural & surgical menopause are the same, but there is difference in the time , severity, duration and the adaptation for these symptoms , and that difference result from , In natural menopause , there are gradual decrease in female estrogen and progesterone and that give the body chance to accommodate to that hormonal reduction , and usually it occur to old female , which psychologically can adapt to these symptoms, with complete difference in surgical menopause as there is sharp cut off of female hormones, and so there is no chances for the body to accommodate and also if it occur to young female in the beginning of her fertile age , it is completely depressive and that of course lead to more wording in body accommodation and make the symptoms more severe.

Menopause is a new life due to estrogen reduction ,and menopause symptoms occurs mainly due to that reduction , which affect the whole aspects of female life and so there are physical , psychological and also mental aspects , although many menopausal women does not experience these symptoms , but it occur to most of them.

Physical aspect has multiple symptoms which vary according to each female , but the most common and documented are : The Hot flushes or hot flashes or clod flashes , which is transient hotness sensation that spread to the body, creating redness , noticeable mainly in the face and upper part of the body, about 70% of female experience hot flashes .

Night sweats which is sweats occurs mainly at night and it mainly result of hot flashes. Vaginal dryness , it defined as loss of the softening and moist of the normal vaginal wall and it predispose to agonists , vaginal atrophy and also can lead to loss of libido .

Urinary incontinence , which is result of loss of control of urine and there are three types of urinary inconsistence : stress incontinence ,which is the most common type, it occur due to increase of intra abdominal pressure during laughing , cough and sneezing , another types are urge and overflow incontinence

Episodes of sudden increase in heart beating , and it occur mainly in early onset menopause . Breast pain , which is suspicious if it occur with mass and in that case you must consult your physician . Headache, which can occur due to muscular tension.

Skin problems , which mainly softening , cracks of hand , foot and also neck skin , due to lack of supporting collagen and that may predispose to skin abrasion and infection.

Skeletal problems , which mainly osteoporosis due to general reduction of bone mass and that predispose to bone fracture and bone cracks ,and also muscular and joint stiffness.

Mental aspect , there are lot of symptoms like lack of concentration , depression , anxiety and also panic disorder , these symptoms are normally occurring and it can occur to any one , not only menopause women , so do not in your mind , but try to relax your self , manage your time and avoid triggering factors for it . If these symptoms are marked and your relatives notice it , you can visit your family physician for consultation.

N.B. : These symptoms naturally occurs , but you have also to consult your family physician

Menopause age

Natural range of menopause age, differ according to the race , country , and each female body hormones and that result in great range of natural female menopause age , as it is range from 40 to 60 years old , with average 51 years old , but it consider early if it occur before 40 and in that matter its called premature menopause.

In surgical menopause of course , there are specifics menopause age , and its occur after the time of the operation ,so the female may be young or old age . surgical menopause is a cause of premature menopause.

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Cervical Cancer

Jan 27

Cervical Cancer

Cancer cervix consider one of the most cancers affecting females after breast cancer. It commonly occurs in sexually active females, especially if they started their sexual activity early , as with more sexual activity ,there will be more risk for exposure to the human papilloma virus which consider one of the strong causes for cervical cancer.

Causes of cervical cancer

What causes cervical cancer ? it is the question now any female asked ,the simple answer for it , is that up to now there is no specific cause for cervical cancer and all what articles written included mine , are only risk factors .

Risk factors for cancer cervix are , Human papiloma virus , which consider the most important risk for next developing cancer cervix another virus also can cause cancer cervix is herps simplex virus type two , the most common match between both , that they are sexually transmitted diseases . Early sexual intercourse , multiple sexual partners and multiparty also consider risk factors , finally low immunity as in patients with diseases causes lowering to immunity as diabetes, and who are going under steroid therapy also are at risk ,smoking and low socio-economic status consider also risk factors.

Age of the patient is also important as cancer cervix commonly occur in females with age ranging 45 – 55 years old , and it commonly occur in dark races , as authors consider in that races their is more females with low social and economic status , and that predispose to early marriage between them , frequent courses , lack of hygiene and finally multiparty.

HPV and cervical cancer

HPV is the most important risk factor for causing cancer cervix , as it change the normal cervical environment and that occur by , there is an area in the cervix called transformation zone and its clear from the name is that area is at risk for changing from normal cervical tissue to an abnormal area , and that exactly what occur , when the virus invade that area, and commonly that invasion occur during adolescence and pregnancy as there is increase in the female estrogen level , which said to be also involves in that problem , what occur is that the virus at that time start to integrated with the cells of these area and causes changing in their DNA content through multiple operation , which ended by changing these cells from healthy cervical cells to dysplastic cells , which consider pre- cancer stage and then these cells change to malignant cells and female start to have what called cervical cancer.

How to avoid HPV ? as it most dangerous risk factor , avoidance is simple and straight forward , as it started by having protected sexual course , also having good hygiene , get away of smoking , and the most important way of prevention is that early screening and follow up of screening as discussed in cancer cervix screening program .

Cervical cancer statistics

Cancer cervix differ according to the country and also according to race as it shown before it is commonly occurs in dark races.

As the united states is the best country in showing its records , according to her records in 2007 shown also by CDC (center for disease control and prevention) , about 12,280 women in the united states having cervical cancer , and about 4,021 of women died from it , and that rate consider to be decrease and that reduction mainly due to women now are aware of cancer screening program , and they go regularly for screen their pap smear and that consider good point.

Also at united states, about 10,800 new cases are diagnosed every year with more cases of dark races and that may be due to lack of screening besides other factors, see above these factors. That study hold by CDC center and it consider an accurate records.

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Apply Healthy Diet Plan and Stay Fit

Jan 20

Apply Healthy Diet Plan and Stay Fit

In our quest to be slim and trim, we often end up compromising with our physical health. In order to lose weight radically, we often end up starving and depriving our body its basic nutrients and mineral. In such cases, it is important to understand that the only way one can actually be healthy and stay fit is by following a healthy diet plan.

A healthy diet plan would actually ensure that one stays healthy and fit over a long period of time. Here are a few easy and simple tips, that would actually aid one in being healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Plan your Meals

The basic mistake that people make is to starve their body and restrict their food intake into 3 meals per day. This leads to digestion problems like gastric and bloating. The only way, one can get rid of such issues is by actually eating all day long. Break your meals into small one’s and keep munching all day long. This will ensure that you do not stay on empty stomach for a long time. That would aid in digestion and also help the food to be absorbed into the body easily.

Try and have a heavy and nutritious breakfast, so that your body gets the required dose of glucose that will help you to stay charged all day long. Follow it with a nutritious lunch and a light dinner. Those, who have their last meal of the day before sunset arte known to lose weight faster than others.. This way, you eat your dinner early and your body gets adequate time to digest the dinner before you hit the sack.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are known to contain loads of nutrients, which make one healthy from within. While opting for fruits, ensure that you always have fruit cut into pieces rather than fruit juices. Fruit juice has less fiber as comparison to cut food which means that they are less beneficial for the individual. Also the perfect times to have these fresh fruits are during the early hours of morning or late night after dinner.

Fruits like strawberries, berries, apples and cucumbers are known to be nutritious and good for the body in comparison to others. It is advisable that fruits like avocado and mangoes are avoided, as these contain high amount of calories as compared to other fruits.

Choose Brown over white

Another important tip to stay healthy and fit is to ensure that you choose brown over white. By saying this, we are referring to brown rice over white grains of rice and brown bread over white bread. The brown version is not only nutritious but also is known to aid in weight loss in comparison to the white version that is more refined in nature.

Do not follow fad diets to turn healthy overnight. Remember this is not possible. The only way one can get a healthy and fit body is by actually ensuring that they eat properly and follow a nutritious diet plan. Over a period of time, they will start to see the difference.

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Stay Natural and Look Fresh

Jan 13

How to Stay Naturally Beautiful? Natural beauty tips are very important in today’s world for many reasons. Human beings are creations of nature and nature has endowed each human being with beauty that is natural and permanent. In the quest for looking good and being attractive it has become a fashion these days to go in for expensive artificial beauty treatments. Though their efficacy and safety have not been extensively proven, many people continue to crowd these artificial beauty clinics, overlooking the fact that there are many Natural beauty tips that can easily be followed, without damaging the body, skin and other vital organs. There are a number of easy and useful tips that can be practiced which will help human beings to stay beautiful the natural way. This article is about those common and simple tips that are easy to follow and safe to use.

Some common tips about staying beautiful in natural way

Dressing up with the best of designer wears, applying inches of make on the face and many other such attempts to look good, can at best is defined as temporary methods of looking good. There are several Natural beauty tips that can be easily incorporated in today’s lifestyle which will make the whole attempt at looking beautiful easier and natural. There are some time tested methods that can be followed which will give excellent results, provided it is done routinely and as instructed.

The first and foremost thing that could be done to add more beauty to the face is to wash it with water regularly. This is important because too much of travel and exposure to dirt and grime make the pores of the face filled with dirt Furthermore, the face becomes tired and stressed and regular face wash can be extremely beneficial to rejuvenate the face. It is considered as common Natural beauty tips that can be easily followed.

The next important of the many Natural beauty tips is the importance of eating fruits and vegetables in liberal quantities. There are many fruits and vegetables that are best eaten raw such as cucumber, banana, watermelon, pomegranate, onion, and other such fruits and vegetables. These fruits are indeed excellent Natural beauty tips because they help cleans the system and have vitamins and minerals that help is giving a glow to the skin and the face. Eating some kind of fish regularly is also considered to be exceedingly good for giving that special glow to the skin. Fish have a special type of oil which acts as of the best Natural beauty tips aid and it works wonders of the skin. It also prevents fatty acids from building up because they are rich Omega-3 fatty acid, which is supposed to be one the best inventions of the century.

How mental state affects our external beauty?

Being stress free, undertaking a lot of exercises are a good way to keep healthy and fit. This should also be considered as one of the best natural beauty tips. Stress always shows on the face and other parts of the body and over a period of time it impairs the overall beauty of the person. Hence, being happy and spreading happiness to others is a good way to remain naturally beauty. There cannot be any other Natural beauty tips as effective as being internally beautiful.

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Effective Workout Plan For Women

Jan 06

Women are so busy juggling the various facets of their life like career and kids, which they are left with little time for themselves. It is important that women start to take care of themselves by having a nutritious and healthy diet along with daily exercising. By referring to exercising we do not mean hitting a gym. What we intend to say is that women should actually develop an effective work out plan for themselves that would help them stay fit and healthy over a long period of time.

Here are a few interesting work out plans for women that can actually be resorted to on a daily basis to regain one’s lost fitness level.


It is never meant to be an easy task to perform on a daily basis. Many people are known to under estimate the various advantages that one can derive from skipping. They think it’s a childish game that has no other use. Research has shown that skipping on a daily basis actually aids in weight loss. However, one should ensure that they wear a knee cap to protect it from jerks

Martial Arts:

Many women across the world are known to be resorting to martial arts as a way of fitness. Martial arts are an interesting way to work out and regain flexibility. What’s more, these martial arts forms also help to build one’s endurance level and regain one’s fitness level. Many women find it exciting to choose martial art as a work out plan for being fit and healthy.

Dance classes:

Dance is a great stress buster along with being an excellent form of work out. The best part about resorting to dance as a workout plan for women is that one will not enough understand that their body is working out and getting toned in the process of learning dance. Moreover these dance classes are extremely interesting and would ensure that you continue them till the last day.

There are many forms of dance forms that can be used as a full work out session for the body. You can choose from salsa, samba, twists to anything your heart desires. You can also rope in your friends with you to join these dance classes. In this way not only will you have company during the work out session but will also be motivated to stay on track.

Opt For Sports:

There are many forms of sports that can be used as a workout session. You can opt for swimming, baseball or basket ball as a perfect work out plan for women. These games are fun and also prove to be an excellent work out for the whole body. These exercises are interesting and help to retain the attention of all the women.

Opting for such offbeat workout plan for women makes them effective, as women like to do such forms of exercise. Moreover those, who find hitting a gym extremely boring, can take resort to these new forms of exercise. So what are you waiting for, opt for these workout plans for and see the difference for yourself.

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