Every human being is the author of his health

Jun 28

Every human being is the author of his health

Human beings in today’s world is so engrossed with his day to day activities that they have very little time left for themselves. Thanks to the stressful work level, individuals today have absolutely no time to devote to their health. What they fail to realize is that a man is what he practices to be. So, if he keeps on neglected his health and other health oriented issues, that day is not far when his unhealthy habits will all build up together and take revenge from him. The sooner we realize the importance of taking care of one’s health, the better it is for us.

Apart from the long hours of work, other factors that are a hindrance to our health is unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Little do we realize that over a period of time, we end up abusing our health to an extent of no better? It is time that we wake up to the importance of being healthy and carve our way towards it. Contrary to common misconception, being healthy does not mean saying good bye to normal lifestyle. Being healthy does not mean starving and depriving yourself from all things tasty.

Being Healthy does not mean exercising all day long

The true meaning of being healthy is to make a few subtle changes in your daily life that will help to make you fit over a period of time. Being Healthy is a state of mind and body where both work in perfect coordination. Research has shown that those who are healthy appear fit and more confident than others.

Being Healthy Means keeping an eye on what we eat

Remember we look like what we eat. In other words, if you want to look and feel like junk, then feed your body with loads of junk food. On the other hand, if you want your body you look fit and firm, then it is important to ensure that you eat loads of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet.

The true meaning of being Healthy is keeping an eye on what you eat. Ensure that you include all the important nutrients and minerals in your daily diet that is required by your body for its day to day functioning.

Being healthy Means Exercising Regularly

Being healthy means taking care of your body. Your body undergoes a lot of tension and stress on your behalf, making it work over time. It is time that you sit up and start to make some changes in the way you treat your body. One such basic change is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise is known to make you healthy.

Being Healthy Means saying no To Drinking & smoking

Both alcohols as well as cigarettes are known to have adverse effect on the body. During the initial days, one may not realize the damage they are causing. However, over a period of time they catch up and cause hazardous ailments.

Remember that it is your choice and decision to be healthy. The Sooner you implement that , the better it is for you.

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