Salient weight loss tips

Oct 19

Salient weight loss tips

In order to have a good personality, it is essential to maintain a proportionate weight. Those who are overweight are always worried about it.  Remember that it is extremely difficult to lose weight and requires concerted efforts and regular daily routine to do so. Here are a few tips for losing weight

Plan reducing weight

Find a suitable plan to reduce weight and ensure that it is implemented sincerely. It is not so simple to lose weight but can be done if you are determined to do so. Fix goal to lose unwanted extra weight and concentrate to achieve it. Don’t get influenced by others that it is a difficult task. Thus it is immaterial whether you are following a weight loss guide; a DVD or a program online, what is important is that it must be followed strictly.

Maintain record

Keep a diary and maintain record of all your ideas, feelings, intake of food efforts being made to lose weight. Thus you would have complete record of your efforts towards losing weight. You would be able to assess the reason of not losing extra weight and take remedial measures.

Drink adequate water

A large number of Americans don’t consume sufficient quantity of water for proper functioning of body. Normally a person weighing 150 lbs is required to consume five bottles of water daily. This can be done by avoiding unnecessary intake of fluids like cold drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages. We generally don’t realize importance of water to our body and take it for granted. Once this is understood we would certainly increase intake of water gradually.

Dieting not necessary

Dieting is not essential. Majority of people are unable to continue having a particular diet for a longer period and soon give up. Only minor changes should be made in your nutritional habits so that it can be sustained.

Eat breakfast

After fasting whole night the metabolism is lowest in morning. There is requirement of stroking metabolic fires with good breakfast. If this doesn’t happen your body would like to store excess calories from next meal you have as fat. Thus, it is very important to have proper breakfast.

Smaller meals

It is advisable to have four to six small meals per day rather than 2-3 big meals. By distributing energy intake into smaller and frequent increments, this would increase metabolism.

Reduction of stress

Stress causes release of cortisol which helps in storage of fat in body. Efforts should be made to reduce stress with the help of yoga, meditation, taking up hobby or anything that reduces stress.

Keep food log

Make note of all that you eat and calculate average calories per day. Now reduce calories as per requirement to achieve goal.

Regular exercise

Start exercise program slowly. This could be for three days a week. Walk of twenty minutes every day is good enough. Carry out short workouts at gym or home which will increase calories expenditure. So number of calories from your diet may not be cut but you still lose weight.

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Medical yoga as an effective weight loss medical treatment

Oct 05

Medical yoga as an effective weight loss medical treatment

The world today has become obsessive about losing weight in order to look good. At one time although it is a good initiative it also has its flip side when people resort to drastic and unhealthy treatments in order to achieve their goals. Hence losing weight is not the issue but how you lose it is actually the main cause of concern. When you plan your weight loss regime you need to question yourself the following questions:

  1. Which weight loss treatment would suit me and my lifestyle the best?
  2. Will I be able to sustain the treatment?
  3. Is the treatment healthy for me?
  4. What schedule would I need to adhere to maintain the weight?
  5. Will I be able to do so?

These questions would let you narrow down your choices considerably and make it comparatively easier to choose from.

In the recent years “Yoga” has suddenly made an entry in our lives and has some excellent reviews from people who claim to have got back in shape thanks to “Medical Yoga”. So what exactly is medical yoga and how effective is it for controlling obesity.

Medical yoga targets not just physical wellness but also psychological wellness. It believes that a healthy mind is a must for a healthy and fit body. This is especially important for cases where people tend to binge on food when their stress levels escalate. Medical yoga keeps your mind in perfect control and hence prevents any such binging sessions that make you put on weight.

The magic of Yoga on weight loss was discovered when yoga practitioners noticed that their regular clients started losing weight that they were unable to do so in spite of numerous diets. The obvious relation came to the picture; yoga includes body postures that relax the mind, body and soul. When these three are at peace and in sync automatically the body becomes healthier. As a result the body starts shedding the extra fat that would make it unhealthy making you slimmer without “even trying too hard”.

Yoga has shown spectacular results in curbing obesity even in case of patients restricted to the wheel chair. According to yoga the root cause of weight gain is “Stress” in our everyday life. The constant fretting, fuming, fussing, running about, multi-tasking, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, erratic schedules etc are all increasing the stress in our daily life. Hence the body starts accumulating fats as the hormones to burn fats are not doing their proper work as stress hampers their functioning.

Medical Yoga helps you to think with clarity and teaches you how to deal with stress without straining your mind and body. It targets your “self awareness” and makes you understand “yourself”. It teaches your mind to differentiate between what is good for the body and what is not. Medical yoga combines various yogic postures that help cleanse your mind and regain the control over your body to be able to lose weight effectively and maintain it.

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