Kick the Habit: How To Stop Smoking For Good

Dec 02

Kick the Habit: How To Stop Smoking For Good

Quitting smoking is not an easy task to do. Smoking is a habit already for smokers and removing it from their daily routine accompanied by the withdrawal symptoms they experience can make them feel distressed enough to stop quitting in the end. This is the reason why quitting smoking is a difficult job. To successfully quit smoking, one should keep in mind various tips and reminders on how to stop smoking for good.

There are several programs that experts prepared for smokers who want to quit smoking. One can undergo those programs or just do the task by himself. It would be a long and hard process if one will do the task all by himself, therefore support from family and friends should be taken into consideration. Reference materials and tips from former smokers can also help one in achieving success.

Conviction is the first requirement in this process. The smoker should decide by himself, with strong willpower and desire to truly, in his heart, to stop smoking. Many smokers who have smoked for a long time go back to smoking after a few days of refraining from doing it.

Withdrawal symptoms present the real battle in quitting smoking. These symptoms include headaches, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety and tingling sensations. Included in the list of the smoking withdrawal symptoms is the huge desire to smoke again. Headaches can be managed by breathing in fresh air and relaxation of the neck and the upper body. Diarrhea can be managed by eating more solid foods and less fruits. Constipation can be managed by eating more fruit and drinking plenty of water. Deep breathing exercises and peaceful activities can help in decreasing anxiety. A warm bath and massages can always help in decreasing the tingling sensations in the extremities. By doing activities that can divert one’s focus from smoking, the temptation can be avoided. Willpower and strong determination is the key.

Intake of water should not be forgotten. An adequate intake of water everyday will help remove the nicotine in the blood. Diet is also important. Alcohol, spicy foods, fried food and heavy meals all increase the craving to smoke cigarettes. For further help in quitting smoking, one may see a doctor for a nicotine replacement therapy which is proven to be very effective.

These reminders may seem very simple, but then again, learning how to stop smoking isn’t that simple. With conviction and strong willpower, plus keeping in mind of tips and reminders, one can definitely be successful in quitting smoking.

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