Milk allergy symptoms

Jan 01

Milk allergy symptoms

Milk allergy symptoms are sometimes confused with lactose intolerance but they are both very different. Like most allergies, a milk allergy is caused by a adverse reaction of the immune system to a protein. Lactose intolerance comes from a lack of the bodies production of lactase which is needed to digest milk. Many people incorrectly believe they have a chocolate allergy when the dairy ingredients in chocolate are responsible for their symptoms.

Milk allergies can occur in people of any age but they are most often found in infants, many of these infants may out grow their allergy. Milk allergy symptoms can happen anywhere from 1-24 hours after ingestion.

Milk Allergy Symptoms

Skin Rash


Dark circles under eyes

Stomach problems


Respiratory problems




Hyperactivity in young children


Eye/Ear irritation

Severe reactions may require a epinephrine shot immediately

How to treat milk allergy symptoms

Avoidance is the best treatment, reading ingredients and looking for any dairy. Not only do you need to look for traces of dairy but be on the lookout for casein and casinate.

Some people claim NAET can be a natural milk allergy cure, but there is no independent clinical proof.

Some symptoms can be treated with antihistamines, natural or over the counter.

Its important to replace the calcium that milk provides in your diet. You can do this by taking a daily supplement or eating more calcium rich foods. Foods like green vegetables, almonds and fish are good sources of natural calcium.

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