Acne Scars Removal Using Subcision

Apr 01

Acne Scars Removal Using Subcision

Acne is one of the most annoying skin disease that can affects anyone easily. Most of acne diseases will occurs on teenager when their skin start to develop high amount of oil content. Puberty and hormones are reasons why there are acne on your skin. Acne sometimes will comes with a terrible pain, or even some uncontrollable itching sensation. After some period of time, acne will diminish, but there will be always some acne scars that leave behind on your skin. It is possible to diminish these scars using some proper treatment. However, there is skin operation that can make your scar diminish completely. Acne scars subcision is one of the simple office surgery procedure.

What did it do?          

It is one of a minor surgical procedure for treating your depressed acne scars and some skin wrinkles. Acne scars subcision are using the tri-beveled hypodermic needle that is inserted through your skin puncture. This procedure will tether your acne scars to the underlying skin tissue. Your skin depression will lift up by releasing action of the procedure.

You will get some local anesthesia that is injected adjacent to your acne scar. Calm down. You should not to worry when you are hearing some snapping sound, because it is the sound when the fibrous bands are broken. This medical procedure will cause bruising that will fades within weeks or more. This subcision also will works well, and reduce your acne scars within two to five sessions of treatment.

Before you start to do this treatment, you must avoid any kind of blood-thinning medications. It will cause your skin more sensitive, and sometimes it will trigger some skin pain after the anesthesia are worn off. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory pills also need to be avoided at least one week before you do the procedure.

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