Analyzing weight loss medical treatments by using drugs

Nov 03

Weight loss has so many myths surrounding itself that unfortunately one does not know whom to believe and whom not to believe. The innumerable medical treatments, diets, drugs, exercises, surgeries, ayurvedic treatments etc have made the consumer confused and indecisive on what is the best treatment for him.

No matter what your body constitution and medical history, you should remember one thing that weight loss is not a solution. Who claims otherwise is making a fool out of you. And even if you do end up losing weight in just a few days, for some serious medical complications as it is not healthy to lose large amount of weight quickly.

The body has to be respected and given time to shed the excess weight. Only then would the weight loss be termed healthy and you would be able to sustain it. Those people who wish to look slim for just a few days and then bloat up again are those who preferred taking the short cuts to weight loss.

Unfortunately for the consumer, weight loss treatments are an enormous business opportunity for business conglomerates. Keeping all ethics aside, they look at weight-loss drugs as a cash cow that they wish to milk to the maximum. Every publication you read and every second commercial you come across is speaking about a “wonder drug” that would melt away all your fat. So how do you decipher which drug is effective and whether it would really deliver the results they are promising?

Before you take weight-loss drugs try to understand what these drugs really are:

  1. Drugs that reduce your appetite– These drugs target your craving for food by suppressing your appetite. Thus you feel less hungry so automatically your food consumption reduces.
  2. Drugs that increase your body’s metabolism– These drugs increase your body’s metabolism so that your body is able to burn fat faster and minimize the fat storage in the body.
  3. Drugs that block all fat absorption in the body– These drugs prevent the fat from getting stored in the body.

There are a few drugs that have been approved by the FDA and other medical councils but the only catch in these drugs is that their results are short term and some people may complain of side effects too.

Obviously you cannot have these drugs for ever, so as soon as you stop the drug your body comes back to its normal state and your weight gain begins. Drugs can help you only if they are not the only weight-loss option you have opted for. If you can supplement your weight loss drugs with adequate exercise to maintain the weight loss then you can try out these drugs. The aim should be to bring down the weight to the desired level and then continue work-outs to keep it there even when your body no longer has the support of the drugs. Whether you do work-outs, yoga, aerobics or whatever method you choose, you need a back-up plan with weight loss drugs.