Symptoms of cervical cancer

Jul 19

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Cancer cervix symptoms are various and it differ according to the cervical cancer cycle which mean when the cancer start to show his activity till it’s complete progress as,

Early Cancer cervix cases may be asymptomatic, and that  reflect the importance of Cancer cervix screening, and mainly pap smear  as at first stages of cancer , tumor is local and does not show any changes on cervical or neighboring organs’ environment, which make that stage of Cancer cervix pass unnoticed .

Later on when the cancer progress in it’s size  female patient start to notice contact bleeding which mean , bleeding during intercourse or after douching , which may be interrupted , after that contact bleeding , female noticed irregularities in her menses ,which may have several pictures  and mean also more cancer progress , it may be increase in menstrual blood flow , or increase in blood flow duration or the very characteristic bleeding , bleeding not related to menstrual cycle , or bleeding after menopause, and finally that bleeding become continuous.

Vaginal discharge , is the second symptom of cervical cancer symptoms , in which the women notice increase in vaginal discharge , which at first is watery , and then become offensive , and at last stained with blood.

All the bove symptoms means that cancer only active in cervical area,so when the cancer progress more it start to spread to different organs rather than cervix as,  when the cancer spread first locally in neighboring organs in female pelvis  ,in that time the female  patient start to complain of pelvic pain , which is very dangerous, as it mean that the cancer start to spread to cervical ligament which  are connection between cervix and other pelvic organ and  also support cervix , that pain has different pictures, which are

Deep seated pelvic pain , means  the cancer spread to parametrium ligament  ( ligament support cervix’s  lateral borders) , pelvic  backache ,  mean that the cancer spread to ligament which connected between sacrum and cervix that ligament called utero-sacral ligament .

Urinary symptoms such as bleeding, pain during urination and also increase urination frequency and that mean the cancer spread to the bladder , bleeding defecation that mean the cancer spread locally to the rectum.

Distant spread symptoms , which mean that the cancer spread to the whole body and the most organs cancer spread to brain and in that time patient complain of vomiting , blurring of vision and may be persistant headache , also when it spread to the lung , femle patient complain of cough in which the sputum mixed with blood and als chest pain , spred to the liver , in that time patient complain of abdominal pain and also manifestation of liver failure , lastly spreading to the bone , patient complain of pathological fracture and bone ache.

Cachexia ( generalized weight reduction) , that occur very late in Cancer cervix course.

We can make a conclusion that cervical symptoms are various and depend on many factors , which are staging of cancer , that depend on cancer size and also spread of cancer first local in pelvis , then to different body organs , also it depend on the patient general health and finally is the patient receive her treatment or not.

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Cervical Cancer

Jan 27

Cervical Cancer

Cancer cervix consider one of the most cancers affecting females after breast cancer. It commonly occurs in sexually active females, especially if they started their sexual activity early , as with more sexual activity ,there will be more risk for exposure to the human papilloma virus which consider one of the strong causes for cervical cancer.

Causes of cervical cancer

What causes cervical cancer ? it is the question now any female asked ,the simple answer for it , is that up to now there is no specific cause for cervical cancer and all what articles written included mine , are only risk factors .

Risk factors for cancer cervix are , Human papiloma virus , which consider the most important risk for next developing cancer cervix another virus also can cause cancer cervix is herps simplex virus type two , the most common match between both , that they are sexually transmitted diseases . Early sexual intercourse , multiple sexual partners and multiparty also consider risk factors , finally low immunity as in patients with diseases causes lowering to immunity as diabetes, and who are going under steroid therapy also are at risk ,smoking and low socio-economic status consider also risk factors.

Age of the patient is also important as cancer cervix commonly occur in females with age ranging 45 – 55 years old , and it commonly occur in dark races , as authors consider in that races their is more females with low social and economic status , and that predispose to early marriage between them , frequent courses , lack of hygiene and finally multiparty.

HPV and cervical cancer

HPV is the most important risk factor for causing cancer cervix , as it change the normal cervical environment and that occur by , there is an area in the cervix called transformation zone and its clear from the name is that area is at risk for changing from normal cervical tissue to an abnormal area , and that exactly what occur , when the virus invade that area, and commonly that invasion occur during adolescence and pregnancy as there is increase in the female estrogen level , which said to be also involves in that problem , what occur is that the virus at that time start to integrated with the cells of these area and causes changing in their DNA content through multiple operation , which ended by changing these cells from healthy cervical cells to dysplastic cells , which consider pre- cancer stage and then these cells change to malignant cells and female start to have what called cervical cancer.

How to avoid HPV ? as it most dangerous risk factor , avoidance is simple and straight forward , as it started by having protected sexual course , also having good hygiene , get away of smoking , and the most important way of prevention is that early screening and follow up of screening as discussed in cancer cervix screening program .

Cervical cancer statistics

Cancer cervix differ according to the country and also according to race as it shown before it is commonly occurs in dark races.

As the united states is the best country in showing its records , according to her records in 2007 shown also by CDC (center for disease control and prevention) , about 12,280 women in the united states having cervical cancer , and about 4,021 of women died from it , and that rate consider to be decrease and that reduction mainly due to women now are aware of cancer screening program , and they go regularly for screen their pap smear and that consider good point.

Also at united states, about 10,800 new cases are diagnosed every year with more cases of dark races and that may be due to lack of screening besides other factors, see above these factors. That study hold by CDC center and it consider an accurate records.

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Cancer Cervix Survival Rates

Dec 29

Cancer Cervix Survival Rates

The best way to show the accurate survival rate for females have invasive cancer cervix is five years survival rates which mean how many patients can still alive five years after diagnosis , and these rates differ according to the staging of cancer cervix and it’s way in treatment as in

  • Stage 1a : From 96 – 99% of patients are alive five years after diagnosis, as the cancer is micro invasive and can be seen only by microscope , and surgery is the best way for treatment
  • Stage 1b : Up to 90% of patients live five years after diagnosis , the cancer become more invasive , but still confined to cervix and don not spread outside it.
  • Stage 2: from 50-60 % can live five years after diagnosis , as the cancer start to spread outside cervix and reach vagina without it’s lower third , and also pelvic walls .
  • Stage 3: Only from 25-35% ,these has poor prognosis as cancer spread totally into vagina , and involve the whole pelvis walls and in that stage the best treatment is radiotherapy.
  • Stage 4 : 15% or fewer can be still alive , as the cancer spread locally to vagina or rectum in stage 4a , and spread to different body organs especially brain , lung , bone and liver , the treatment in that stage is only relieving of pain associated with cancer by giving analgesics and also improving general health by giving vitamins.

So the survival rates , reflect the cancer cervix prognosis , which finally reflect the importance f early cancer cervix diagnosis , screening and so cancer cervix treatment , as when the patient is diagnosed early , she will treated early and so she will has good survival rate and good prognosis.

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