Women Physical Health Diet and Nutrition

Feb 24

Women Physical Health Diet and Nutrition

Women Physical Health Diet and Nutrition – Statistics rightly show that women around the world suffer from mal nutrition and other ailments due to negligence in their part. They are so engrossed in juggling between home and work that they seem to have no time for themselves. They never have time to take care of their own body as a result they start to suffer from a number of ailments. It is surprising that, most of the ailments women are associated with are caused by some deficiency or the other. That’s means, it is time, that women start to take heed of what they eat and the nutritious value they derive from the food intake.


This is one of the most common ailments that women succumb to physically. Studies show that osteoporosis or the disease of the bones turning brittle and breaking easily is mainly caused by calcium deficiency. When time was in hand, if only people would have realized the importance of consuming calcium tablets and popped them in time, then the bones would have been strong and not turned brittle. Hence, it is important for women to have calcium rich food like milk and egg on a daily basis, so that their body gets the adequate amount of calcium from them.


Most women across the world are frail and known to be suffering from mal nutrition. This is nothing but deficiency of the essential mineral and vitamins required by the body for their day to day functioning. As a result, it is important that women follow a balanced diet. Crash dieting really does not aid in weight loss. The only thing it aids in is robbing off one’s body from the nutrients and minerals and making the body weak from within. Ensure that a women’s daily diet includes sufficient quantity of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, calcium and so on. The only way to ensure that body is getting required amount of nutrition is by following a proper nutritious diet.

Loss of Energy:

Most women feel tired all the time and get fatigued easily. It is time they understand that getting fatigued and tired is just an indication of the body stating that they do not have adequate energy to perform the daily tasks. At such times it is important to ensure that a women’s diet includes loads of fresh vegetables and fruits. The anti-oxidant present in these fresh vegetables and fruits helps to provide the body the required amount of boost and gives it the required amount of energy.


Women are known to be anemic or lack of adequate blood in their body. It is time that they include iron rich fruits and nuts in their daily diets to overcome this ailment once and for all. It is important to understand, that simply by having a balanced diet is not enough for the overall wellbeing of a women. It is important that they exercise regularly to keep themselves fit and healthy over a long period of time. It is time, that women start taking care of themselves.

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