D.I.Y Acne Spot Treatment

May 20

D.I.Y Acne Spot Treatment

Having acne on your face? Ugh, that must be terrifying. I mean, you cannot go somewhere easily without worrying some small dots on your face. Everything will just okay when acne will not create pain on your skin. On some person, acne can cause them a daylight terrible nightmare. How does it feels when you want to do some shopping, but your acne leaves you uncomfortable? Your mind will not stay on the stuff that you want to buy, and you can forget what you will buy, because of your acne.

Finally, time has passed away, your acne started to look normal again. All of the pain has finally gone away. However, there is still one issues that will bother you; acne spots! So let us figure out some way to fight with acne spot treatment D.I.Y.

Home treatment

It is possible to heal your acne using plenty of material that you can find on your home. If your parents loves to cook some food, there might be some Apple Cider Vinegar. It might sounds strange, but it is possible to diminish all of your acne spot using Apple Cider Vinegar as your main treatment. It kills bacteria that become the main cause from your acne. Apple Cider Vinegar will changes to an alkaline, and will balances the pH of your skin. Use Apple Cider Vinegar wisely on a considerable amount. If you apply it too much, your skin will become dry.

In order to make this acne spot treatment D.I.Y works, you will need to wash your face thoroughly using water. Using a proper ratio of 1 part of vinegar, to 3 part of water, mix the solvents together. Dip some cotton into the solvents, and apply it directly on your skin blemish. Make sure to use skin moisturizer afterwards to prevent skin dryness.