How to Inspire Others with What You Say

Nov 08

What you say can have a positive or negative impacts on the people you say them to. Which is why you should strive to inspire, motivate, and uplift those that you are speaking with. There are dozens of ways to react to someone—all of which are under your control. With that said, here are a few ways to inspire and produce a good mood and a good response from those that you talk with.

Be Passionate, Knowledgeable, and Respectful

There are two kinds of passion—the passion that makes your voice loud, negative, and excitable, and then the passion that lets your confidence and positive vibes shine through. Be the latter. Be positive and passionate with knowledge of what you speak of—but also be respectful and courteous to the opinions, beliefs, and responses of others. In studies of psychiatry in neuroscience, the key to inspiration is to remain positive and uplifting when expressing yourself.

Keep an Open Mind in Debates

Debates can be fun ways to find out what your friends and loved ones think and feel. However, sometimes debates can get heated and unnecessarily cruel. Before it reaches this point, strive to keep a level head, an open mind, and a calm demeanor. If you feel your temperatures rise, bow out of the conversation and walk away to cool down.

Ignore Trolls

Trolls are people that want to hurt others just for the sake of hurting others. They are cruel and hateful—and there are thousands of them, especially online. Ignore them. The worst thing you can give a troll is attention. Never, ever let these hateful people see your upset because it gives them fuel for their hatred-filled fires.

Have Confidence to Back Up Your Words

When you speak with confidence, others will find more respect for you. With confidence comes the belief that you know what you are talking about, which makes you seem reliable, trustworthy, and positive to listeners.

Lead by Example

If you are speaking from a point of power, like a supervisor or business owner, you need to lead your team to success by example. Show them they can be confident, passionate, and knowledgeable as well. Let your success shine through your words.

Positive vibes are contagious. If you strive to verbally inspire and motivate, your words will never fall on deaf ears. You might even gain a little following of successful friends—those that have listened to what you have to say and strive to help others in the same vocal way.