Inexpensive Honey Facial for More Radiant Skin

Dec 22

Inexpensive Honey Facial for More Radiant Skin

People who have either dry or oily skin type should try to get this honey facial treatment. Honey is very famous as magic ingredients with many benefits. It is often being used to nourish and moist one’s skin because of its powerful effect. Many extravagant cosmetic lines use honey as one of their essential ingredients. Now, you could treat yourself with honey face scrub at relaxing spa. However, you could make your own honey face products as well at home. Definitely, the natural face scrub will gives more radiant looks at your face after being applied.

Some people think that honey facial only works for people with dry skin complexion. In reality, you could use this treatment for any other skin types as well. All that you need to do is just mix the honey with exact ingredients to get satisfying results. You could start by reading honey treatment for dry skin. You could take some ripe avocado flesh and 2 tbs of coconut oil, then mix them with honey. This mixture will completely moist your dry skin if being used as face mask for about 15 minutes. If you add some sugar into it, you will have sugar and honey lip scrub mixture.

The honey facial at-home treatment could be enjoyed by people with acne prone skin complexion as well. Most of acne facial masks at store tend to drain your skin, so it will looks dry and even scaly. Instead of using that awful product, you could try this honey mask recipe for acne skin. You will need cinnamon (1 teaspoon), nutmeg (1 teaspoon), half teaspoon of lemon, and of course 2 tbs of honey. Blend all of those ingredients on one clean bowl and you will get your awesome natural honey mask!

More nourishing face mask could be gotten by mixing honey with one ultimate kitchen product: egg yolk! Perhaps you have some egg yolk left from your sponge cake recipe? You could use it for your face treatment just by adding some other ingredients. You will need some honey and olive oil for additional ingredients. Mix all of this ingredients well, and your home-made face mask is ready to be used.

So, now you could use honey for all of skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, acne prone or even sensitive skin, you could get more benefits from this lovely honey treatment. Definitely, this honey facial treatment will be your new best friend to welcome the upcoming New Year with brighter skin.