Low Fat Diets – Make Your Heart Smiling

Feb 17

Low Fat Diets – Make Your Heart Smiling

Importance of diets for a healthy heart – Our body is has many organs and the heart is the most important organ which needs low fat diets for keeping it in good shape and condition. There are thousands of websites which come out with many low fat diets. Each one follows a different route and hence at times there is room for total confusion. However, a good low fat diet essentially consists of nutrients that are low on fatty acids and high on proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals. Before actually going in for these heavily advertised and publicised low fat diets it is important to try and understand a bit more of about these diets and the effect they have in the normal functioning of our body and heart.

Low fat diets have an important role to play. The food that is normally eaten consists of excess carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids. These food items do not get burnt by our body and they are stored in various parts of the body. Over a period of time, they start clogging the arteries and veins and among the first organ that gets affected, is without doubt the heart. The heart is unable to receive adequate inflow of oxygen and it is also not able to pump the required amount of blood to various parts of the body. This happens because the unplanned diet gets converted into cholesterol and gets deposited in the arteries preventing free movement of blood. This, if left untreated could lead to some very risky and dangerous heart diseases. Hence, low fat diets help mitigate the situation by preventing the accumulation of cholesterol and bad fat in various parts of the body especially, the lining of the arteries of the heart.

What could be termed as low fat diets?

There are different types of low fat diets but if one looks at it from a historical perspective, diets that are rich in natural fruits and vegetables are considered to be the best example of low fat diets. Additionally, some types of fish and tender chicken are also considered to be low in saturated fatty acids. However, the problem with these low fat diets is that they have to be eaten in large quantities to meet the required calorie needs of each and every body. This could be very difficult and therefore many nutrition specialists have come up with a combination diet that includes some bit of protein and fat that is not rich in saturated fatty acids. This combination could be termed as low fat diets.

Whom to approach for low fat diets?

It is not advisable to follow these low fat diets without taking the advice and instruction from physicians. This is because each and every person has a different calorie requirement and it is for the nutritionist or the doctor to fix the diet plan that could be termed as low fat diets. Going on diet without taking the advice of the family physician should be strictly avoided because such low fat diets could lead to some other problems.