Cancer Cervix Survival Rates

Dec 29

Cancer Cervix Survival Rates

The best way to show the accurate survival rate for females have invasive cancer cervix is five years survival rates which mean how many patients can still alive five years after diagnosis , and these rates differ according to the staging of cancer cervix and it’s way in treatment as in

  • Stage 1a : From 96 – 99% of patients are alive five years after diagnosis, as the cancer is micro invasive and can be seen only by microscope , and surgery is the best way for treatment
  • Stage 1b : Up to 90% of patients live five years after diagnosis , the cancer become more invasive , but still confined to cervix and don not spread outside it.
  • Stage 2: from 50-60 % can live five years after diagnosis , as the cancer start to spread outside cervix and reach vagina without it’s lower third , and also pelvic walls .
  • Stage 3: Only from 25-35% ,these has poor prognosis as cancer spread totally into vagina , and involve the whole pelvis walls and in that stage the best treatment is radiotherapy.
  • Stage 4 : 15% or fewer can be still alive , as the cancer spread locally to vagina or rectum in stage 4a , and spread to different body organs especially brain , lung , bone and liver , the treatment in that stage is only relieving of pain associated with cancer by giving analgesics and also improving general health by giving vitamins.

So the survival rates , reflect the cancer cervix prognosis , which finally reflect the importance f early cancer cervix diagnosis , screening and so cancer cervix treatment , as when the patient is diagnosed early , she will treated early and so she will has good survival rate and good prognosis.

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