Extensive and beneficial skin care tip

Feb 28

Extensive and beneficial skin care tip

Taking care of skin from an early age is extremely important. We all are blessed with healthy glowing skin at the time of birth. However, as we grow up, our skin is exposed to the polluted dirt and tension that make it lose its glow. What makes matters worse is the fact that with age our skin loses its power to rejuvenate itself. As a result fine lines, patches and dull skin become synonymous with us. It is time, which we realize the damage caused to our skin and start to take steps to ensure that our skin gets back its deserved luster and glow.

Depend on nature and nurture your skin

Remember that beauty of an individual depends on his health. No matter how much you may try, unless you are healthy and fit inside, it will be impossible to flaunt healthy and glowing skin. This brings us to the first step of extensive skin care- EAT Healthy and Nutritious Food. Include loads of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in one’s daily diet. That’s not all; certain food groups that have Vitamin E & Vitamin C in them are known to be extremely beneficial for the skin. Hence, orange juices, aloe Vera juices and other berry juices are known to be beneficial for the skin. Ensure that you follow a healthy and balanced diet plan that would provide your skin its required dose of nutrients and minerals. Nuts are also known to be a great for skin care. Munching on to nuts all day long would actually help you in pampering your skin.

Just like inclusion of some food groups in daily diet is beneficial for the skin, similarly exclusion of certain food groups is also good the skin. These food groups like fried fruits, sweets and calorie laden foods are known to cause adverse affect on one’s skin making t look dull and lifeless.

No matter what you may eat, unless you gulp down at least 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis, your skin will not get its radiant look. Make up is a mode that can be used to hide imperfections on skin or to highlight any feature of your face. Make up, does not have the ability to transform your skin and change it over night.

Taking care of skin is also important

There are three basic steps to be followed on a daily basis that would ensure that your skin is well taken care of. The first step is Cleansing: this involves washing your face with mild PH balanced face wash that would help you to get rid of the dirt accumulated on your face. This needs to be done at least twice a day ensuring that your skin is clean and devoid of dirt all day long.

The Second step is toning. By using a toner on skin one actually tightens the pores that are opened wide during the first step of cleansing. Lastly the third step involves moisturizing, where the PH balance of the skin is replaced. Follow these steps daily to get a healthy and glowing skin.

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