4 Tips For Planning A Successful Sleepover

Dec 22

4 Tips For Planning A Successful Sleepover

When you’re a tween girl, there are few delights greater than a successful sleepover. And to make it a success, it has to be fun. If your daughter wants to have a sleepover party with some of her favorite gal pals, helping her plan it out can make all the difference in the world. An ill-planned evening with a house full of girls can be just as much a nightmare for you as it is for her.

To ensure the best sleepover for your young lady and her friends, you have to be prepared. Here’s how:

Make the guest list. Help your daughter choose a few girls that she enjoys spending time with and that will mesh well with each other. Inviting a couple of gals who can’t get along will almost certainly ruin the evening eventually. It’s better to invite less girls that your daughter feels will get along, than have several girls there knowing that drama is a sure thing.

Plan the menu. You’ll probably be serving a meal early in the evening, but you have to also plan for a munch fest later on. For dinner, keep things simple; few girls will turn a slice of pizza away. They could even make mini pizzas as an activity. When it comes to snacks, help your daughter pick out several fun snacks, like chips and cookies, as well as a couple of healthier choices, such as apple slices and smoothies.

Have a theme. You don’t have to go to the extreme and have a 70s disco theme complete with costumes. Simplicity is the key. Make a simple plan for a movie night, makeover party or even let them rent a concert for a favorite band or artist. Once she’s picked out the theme for the evening, she can let her friends know what she’s planned, and they can chip in ideas for what they’d like to do ahead of time, like home pedicures or watching spooky horror flicks (if you’re going this route, make sure to talk to the other girls parents for permission). If they all know what’s on tap for the evening, there’s less likely to be a naysayer killing the fun for the rest of the bunch during the sleepover.

Lay down the rules and then take a step back. When your daughters guests arrive for the sleepover, let them know what you expect. If you have a specific time for lights-out or rules about what types of movies or activities are off limits, let them know from the jump. Then, when you feel everyone is clear on your house rules, step back and let them have their fun. Be available and check in every once in a while, but give them the chance to be giggling girls and enjoy the time with the rest of your family.

Helping your tween daughter have the best sleepover is all about the planning. Once you’ve laid the tracks, they’ll have a great and giggly good time.

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